The Little Engine That Could

Wow! Am I losing momentum!!

I mean, seriously. I was doing great for awhile.

And then I get sick. And exhausted. And unable to exercise.

So, I rested. For two days. Which turned into three. And now four…

What happened to the excitement I was feeling? 

I suspect it has to do with the scale. I thought weighing in every day would keep me accountable, but now that I see the scale jump up 5 – 8lbs, I feel a little….discouraged.

I feel like I’ve been doing everything right – but maybe the truth is I’ve been lying to myself.

I still ate that brownie. Three nights in a row.

I still had a second helping at dinner. And then threw in a few mouthfuls when handling the leftovers. 

Plus whatever I ate while I was cooking.

So, maybe the problem isn’t so much motivation as it is honesty….



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